kıbrıs kahvesi

"OZA KAHVE Ltd. was founded as a coffee manufacturing company in Northern Cyprus in 1984."

Following the great success obtained in North Cyprus, Turkey and Europe, we are taking one step further to open "OZA Coffee House" to reate a new coffee shop chain. With the power we get from our brand, we are aiming to extend the "OZA Coffee House" culture in North Cyprus, Turkey and Europe further by opening more Franchise shops.

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Since 1984...

Oza Coffee House Coffee Love

  • We include the our love and passion that we have for coffee and people into every cup we prepare. Every flavour that we offer you, is a wonderful harvest of multiple trials. We are working non-stop with enthusiasm, passion and love to make the best quality coffee. The unique flavour of our coffee is a result of our investigations and
    experiments that we have been performing since 1984. For all these reasons, everyone who loves a good cup of coffee prefers OZA Coffee House where they can enjoy a chilled and sophisticated atmosphere of English and French architecture while sipping their coffee.
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Ergün Oza Kahve Ltd.
Organize Büyük Sanayi Bölgesi, 2. Sokak No: 3 Famagusta -N.CYPRUS
Phone: (+90) 392 365 40 17 - (+90) 392 365 19 49 - (+90) 533 859 19 84
Fax: (+90) 392 365 19 35

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Kıbrıs Kahvesi

Kıbrıs kahvesi denildiğinde Mağusa'nın bir kahve markası olan Oza Kahve, farklı lezzeti ve sunumuyla sizlere güzel bir deneyim yaşatıyor.

KKTC Kahvesi

Oza kahve olarak dünyanın birçok yerinde markamızı ve kahvemizi çoğu satış noktalarından bulabilirsiniz.